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A genius idea that travels the world.


Many people want to comprehend more about our learning system, what we teach or transmit, and what purpose being trained in this method serves.

How to be a student?

A process from seed to blossoming, from the first step of the search to the arrival of the mystery.

“When a human being becomes a master of himself he can make conscious use of all that is inside and outside of him.”
Laura Torrabadella

In this study center we go through an alchemical training program in which each student can become medicine (the solution, the answer and the way out to their own problems, questions and complications) and be a source of inspiration for many other people to also achieve this for themselves. The program is called the TRAINING PROGRAM IN MANAGEMENT OF SUPPORT AND ACCOMPANIMENT FOR INDIVIDUALS IN PROCESSES OF INNER EVOLUTION, developed by the Conscious School®.

How was the Inner Evolution Study Center born?

The Inner Evolution Study Center was born from the immense adoption of the Method of Inner Evolution over the course of the past eight years by participants at retreats organized by the company Inner Mastery International

What is lived in these retreats, along with the deep transformation that is experienced in daily life, has led to many participants wanting to turn what initially began as an experience into a way of life.

Initially, this gave way primarily to the birth of the European School of Ayahuasca, an international school where the students, as they go deeper into their personal processes, learn the conscious use of ayahuasca and psychotherapeutic integration.

Later on, the Conscious School was born. Here the use of entheogens was diminished in order to give rise to a space in which the use of the conscious word, penetrating and profound, took protagonism. This application of the conscious and transcendent approach (the way of approaching the unique and personal circumstances of each person who comes to our retreats, going beyond what is merely personal and therapeutic), is proposed by the Method of Inner Evolution®

Finally, the Leadership Academy of Alverto emerged, a space focused on the deep study of both the approach and of language as a core part of the proposed approach. Through language, the approach that is carried out has the quality of activating the students’ comprehensive structure; in the internal amplification of this comprehensive structure, the students’ capacity to transform themselves into leaders and mentors is activated as well.

Upon developing and amplifying the work carried out in the retreats and the proposals of the organization, now called the BEYOND INNER GLOBAL MOVEMENT, the birth of the Inner Evolution Study Center was formalized. It encompasses the three aforementioned formative branches, complementing one another and serving as a centralized hub for each student.

Given the variety and depth of the proposals that emerge from Alverto’s work, the Inner Evolution Study Center was created, and organism that creates, directs, and plans the formative events of Alverto and his mentors, sustained by the Method of Inner Evolution®

People attend our events for a variety of reasons, such as learning, carrying out their personal development process, or integrating into our organization as collaborators on the multiple professional and work opportunities that are available.

The primary function of this center for the coordination of formative activities is to supervise the implementation of the METHOD OF INNER EVOLUTION® in formative acts and retreats where the method is used.


A training that is “custom made” for each student.

Each person that arrives to life is unique and irreplaceable; every human being is born with the exclusive particularities given to them by existence; they are born with what they are born, they go through what they go through, and the bring with them what they bring: something essential, vital, and their own.

In honor of this singularity that creation has made us with, and of the respect that it shows each individual, we are proposing a new focus applied to training; it is new, transgressive, and fluid, based on the singular merit of each student.

We ask ourselves, Why do they want to be a student? What is moving them to open themselves to a mystical school? At what point in their life and evolution process do they find themselves? What do they want to achieve with the school? What limitations do they need to overcome in order to reach their true potential? And in each question we discover that every student is UNIQUE, that there are no replicas or even anything similar to what they are and their design. Therefore, we open ourselves to comprehend them with personalized dedication in order to create a CUSTOM MADE program.

The focus of this school is also unique, seeing as no system or educational method has proposed anything similar until now.

All trainings have always coincided in the same point: a more or less rigid thematic and modular structure in which all students follow the same curriculum, the same chronological trajectory, and have the same objective or expected outcome. In this school, we create the study plan with you, custom made for you and based on two fundamental factors:

• The actual point where you find yourself in your evolutive process, your location in the territory, knowing where you come from, what you bring, and where you want to direct your path.

• The core point of our proposal that has reached your soul. These two coordinates are the ones that give us the initial information to be able to define the starting point for the custom made program that we design for the student.

“El salto cuántico y cualitativo que da un participante a retiros de desarrollo personal, sean de la índole que sean, pasa por el hecho de que deja de ser un buscador, para abrirse a la posibilidad de ENCONTRARSE y de que aquello que buscaba le llegue”
Alberto J Varela, fundador y creador del método Evolución Interior®

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A training that is “custom made” for each student.

The importance of human support and specialized accompaniment
In conventional educational systems, students depend on professors to be accompanied throughout their formative trajectory. However, in this training each student will have an assigned mentor who will be their point of reference and support within the organization throughout their entire evolutive process on both a personal and professional level.

Intake Process

Access to the club, a community, a global movement.

All student applicants will begin their trajectory by becoming a member of the BeInClub, the first international club that unites people that are passionate about inner evolution. To be a student goes beyond making sporadic visits to a physical location; it implies taking the real step of belonging, taking charge of the continuity, consistency, and responsibility required for wanting to go from point A to point B.

Student Trajectory

The program and formative trajectory that we propose.

To be a student is to assume an initiatory place, one of surrender and openness to something external that can enter inside; in that step, the path opens so that the hidden and dormant essence can commence its process of coming out to be shared with the world. 

Therefore, to be a student is an attitude that goes beyond what one does as a student, beyond the tools, techniques, or methods that each student has or obtains. The starting point to become a student is to connect with a place of deep humility, from where the person opens up to leaving their way to one side, to receive another way, coming from the person who temporarily becomes a teacher. The relationship between students and mentors is bi-directional: on one side, the student recognizes and grants the teacher/mentor that place of trust and surrender; at the same time, the teacher/mentor situates themselves in a place of receiving and granting their own trust, availability, and surrender to the students that have recognized them as such.



Message from our Director.

It was almost six years ago, in October 2014, that Alberto Varela offered me to take charge of what was being born at that time and which came to be called Escuela Europea Ayahuasquera. We knew from then on that what was being born was destined to grow, to travel the world and to become a point of arrival for many people who felt to join a movement that was already expanding much faster than its initial creators could even imagine. We also realized that this growth was going to overtake us, require us and confront us in our own expansive rhythm.

The School in which we learned that which could not be taught was transformed day by day, month by month, cycle by cycle… over the years the form, the container that we had lovingly created, remained small before the immensity of the content it encompassed and the majesty of the beings that approached it. 

Now is the time to open that container, to expand that form so that it can truly honor what has come, what is coming and what is yet to come. It represents in itself, the movement from limitation to potentiality, from mind to heart, from seeking to finding, from consciousness to love.  

Now we are before the imposing openness to mystery, freedom, trust, allowing everything to arrive… this openness has already manifested itself among those of us involved in this great step, in this great migration, and it is this openness that we now want to share with all beings who feel called to enter. 

Now it is about the invitation to enter, not only within oneself to explore and investigate, but to enter into existence, and to allow life to work its miracles within each one of us.   When the miracle and existence enter into the life of each person, that person becomes a source of spontaneous inspiration, with all the support and authority that comes from having had the courage, resilience and fortitude to have renounced oneself, to have surrendered to the inevitable and to have given oneself wholeheartedly to give that which has already been received. 

We are waiting for you with open hearts to welcome you.