Transcendent Psychology

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Transcendent Psychology


We call Transcendent Psychology (PT) within our formative proposal, this new branch that, despite having an academic-theoretical framework based on different psychological currents, goes beyond all the psychologies we know, beyond the rational, emotional approaches, and transpersonal, to enter into a mystical universe that allows comprehending the human experience from a spiritual approach considering the possibility of ceasing to live from the identification with the mind (the past, knowledge, memory, personality).

The transcendent invites to carry out a process to put oneself above thoughts and beliefs (a self that is identified with what it experiences).

This new formative branch masterfully addresses the approach from a point of view that goes beyond mental limitations when it comes to reaching and solving the root of the authentic problems of human beings, allowing us to address the many situations that arise in life from a transcendent attitude (pure, comprehensive and elevated), in the sense that from Consciousness we can put ourselves above everything and from Love, we can give ourselves to everything. To learn more visit our courses at

Psychology, despite its unquestionable usefulness within the evolutionary and healing processes of people, can only reach a certain limit, the one imposed by the mind, or what rationality and intellect can control.

This limit has to do with the use that has been given to psychology, which traditionally, whatever the branch we are talking about, agrees in respecting the EGO of the person (as a mental construct created by the process of identification); since it focuses on reconstructing and making functional or adaptable the “I” damaged, wounded, unbalanced and traumatized by the past of each person, without questioning the veracity of that past or the multiple interpretations that the mind makes of the facts, even offering the “I” a spiritual mask so that it believes itself to be superior to others.

Within the PT approach, exactly the opposite happens: the importance that is given to the damaged SELF is removed, to that history of trauma and woundedness that has governed the person’s life up to that moment. We use an approach in which no importance or credibility is given to what the subject wants to relate, expose or demonstrate, It is then, when the possibility of confronting the unconscious lies -although very well structured by language- opens up to a new and revolutionary consideration, being a witness of one’s own premeditatedly constructed speech to sustain and strengthen the idea encrypted in one’s mind about oneself. When the person begins to distance him/herself from the “I” (the result of the accumulation of perceptions of events, traumas, and ideas extracted from the person’s life) which has created and guided his/her life up to that moment, it gives birth to the phenomenon we call: disidentification, initiating the first steps towards transcendence.

As part of this transgressive approach, in some cases, treatments with controlled and conscious use of entheogens, 100% natural and legal substances from plants and animals that support the connection with that space beyond the programmed mind, are recommended.

These protocols with entheogens are carried out through plans with microdoses and under medical advice, with psychotherapeutic follow-up. Video presentation of the topics we address from this new approach to psychology, which in essence is based on a SPIRITUAL OUTLOOK, a MYSTICAL APPROACH, and an IRRATIONAL ATTITUDE.

The time has come for psychology to take a turn towards what great masters throughout history have discovered about transcendence and the awakening of consciousness.

Training Program

  • Transcendent Psychology, beyond the limited possibilities of the self.
  • The original cause of the inner search in the human being.
  • The psychotherapeutic context of the spiritual leap.
  • Self-help – Self-knowledge, Self-realization and Self-discovery.
  • Psychological, philosophical and esoteric schools that prepare the path to spirituality.
  • The mystical outlook, beyond the mind, emotions and ideologies.
  • The proposals of therapists, healers and teachers for humanity.
  • The disciple-master, client-consultant, student-teacher, seeker-mystic relationship.
  • Use of entheogens and psychedelic approach. Substances that guide towards the light.
  • The three levels of presence: physical, psychoemotional and spiritual.
  • Comprehension as a game that awakens consciousness.