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Whether you want to transform your reality and connect with your inner mastery, or if you want to work supporting others on their path of self-knowledge, your own evolution supports the awakening of consciousness that is expanding throughout the world. 

A TOUR THROUGH THE 9 STATIONS OF THE INNER JOURNEY TOWARDS YOUR OWN FLOWERING: Throughout 9 modules + an extra module, training workshops, and masterclasses, the Conscious School goes through the stations that lead us from the recognition that we live trapped by limitations from our human destiny to the deprogramming of the conditioning, to the delivery and deployment of our purest essence.

Through TRANSCENDENT HEALING, you will be able to observe and transcend different spectra of limitations in order to reach your pure potential.

Every facilitator can become a medicine and interact with others to inspire and support their evolution.

The 14 Premises of the
Inner Evolution Method®:

El método Evolución Interior son las bases sobre las cuáles se fundamenta toda la estructura del Centro de Estudios, y son el núcleo de todas las actividades que se realizan dentro del movimiento mundial Beyond Inner Global Movement.

«Created by Alverto José Varela, founder of the Conscious School, to be integrated into the lives of individuals who comprehend it»



Don't search outside

Because no method can do anything to transform you or lead you to the mystery.



Don't help anyone who doesn't ask you

Because if something would be solved from the outside, it would invalidate the potentiality.



You don't need an internal teacher

Because when you awaken inner mastery, the authority of the leader that is already in you is born.



Do not set yourself to achieve goals

Because if you aimed to achieve goals you would demand yourself, you would be distracted and you would leave yourself.



Do not get more knowledge

Because not knowing is what recovers your innate power and essential wisdom.



Do not want to attract or seduce

Because the purpose of life is that you free yourself when you conquer yourself.



Do not carry the past and traditions

Because healing is a new integration of masteries that comes with the charm of the newborn.



Do not change or improve anything or anyone

Because dissatisfaction with what it is and what comes to us is a way of rejecting.



Do not define anything as complicated or difficult

Because sacrifice is an unnecessary effort that would disconnect you from your dignity.



Do not force yourself to do anything

Because if you force yourself to comply or obey there will be pressure, guilt, judgment, and punishment.



Have no expectations

Because desires are based on fear; and what matters is that you open yourself to love.



Do not defend or attack

Because to flourish and give your best you don’t have to agree or not, for or against.



Do not create any dependency

Because without freedom it is not possible to love, trust or be happy.



Do not answer if they do not ask you

Because by offering what is not needed we are conditioning and manipulating.


Conscious School Modules

Any facilitator can become medicine and interact with others to inspire and support their evolution THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD ARE RECONNECTING WITH THEIR INTERNAL MASTERY THROUGH THE INNER EVOLUTION METHOD® DEVELOPED BY ALBERTO VARELA AND TRANSMITTED IN THE CONSCIENT SCHOOL® Its founder has developed a revolutionary ecosystem with hundreds of classes, workshops, and training modules that have broadcast all over the world, both face-to-face and virtual.
This work constitutes an expansive source of inspiration for all those who seek to understand their own existence, awaken their consciousness and transform their reality. In this School, words are transformed into consciousness through a language specially designed to transmit the inherent truth of the human being. In the process, each student discovers the various tools and dynamics that reconnect them with their power of understanding, the real possibility of deprogramming any limitation and unleashing pure potential.
It is a program that activates the ability to transform your reality through TRANSCENDENT HEALING® and the 9 STATIONS OF FLOWERING that are exposed one by one in each training module.

We know that we cannot change the world, but we have proven that we can change ours, the individual world, from where everything can be transformed. Whether you want to transform your reality and connect with your inner mastery, or if you want to work supporting others in their path of self-knowledge, we want to give you the good news that YOUR OWN EVOLUTION SUPPORTS NATURALLY AND FLUIDLY THE AWAKENING OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF OTHERS, THAT IT IS THE KEY BY WHICH IT IS EXPANDING ALL OVER THE WORLD.

Each module corresponds to a station within the development of the inner evolution process towards flowering. Each module takes place over three days of face-to-face training, about 6-8 hours a day. Each module is carried out in different places (Milan, Marbella, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Buenos Aires, Uruguay, Ireland), and is a thematic nucleus that is developed differently in each place, taking into account the reality presented by the group of students who they meet in each place, with their own approaches, and according to the spontaneity of what the individual and collective process manifest.

Each module is taught in a selection of the different stations of the Conscious School; Although the module and the main theme of the module is one, the way in which it manifests itself each time is spontaneous and unique, belonging to each group of people who meet each time. That is, the same module will be different depending on how it is taught in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Marbella… since the personal situations that arise from the real point where the students and participants find themselves.

Flowering - to Return

ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN: I enjoy the manifestation of my essence. I travel towards the realization of my Being emanating what I have brought and that is my unknown treasure. I am a conscious witness of what appears without identifying with it.

Transformation - Rebirth

LET GO THE ATTACHMENTS: Everything is left behind to be what I am. Cut with the chains that still bind me. I decide to stop being a character and go towards being. The dark night of the soul. The leap into the void. It starts all over again. Conscious innocence is born.

Potentiality - to Connect

GET IN TOUCH WITH MY REAL POWER: I become aware of the extent that what is inside of me can have. Inflection point. Inflection point. An irreversible situation that manifests itself in the expression of thought, action and feeling.

Essence - to Migrate

MOVE IN: I move towards my Being crossing the bridge with the danger that they will come looking for me. There may still be jams or setbacks. Relapses and moments of going back to sleep or forgetting.

Consciousness - to Awaken.

CONTEMPLATE THE ILLUSION: Stop sleeping. Light and love flood. See the distortion of reality caused by conditioned and limited perception. Live with the mystery. Recover memory. Stop interpreting. Stop interpreting.

Surrender - to Renounce

MAKE MYSELF AVAILABLE: Surrender, change destiny, stop fighting, let go of what doesn’t satisfy, stop supporting what doesn’t work. End point to the past and your known options.

De-Identification - to Deprogram

REMOVE MY MASKS: Recognize limiting beliefs. Realize the characters, observe beliefs. See the conditioning in identity. Consider living without lying or

Trust - to Flow

OPEN MYSELF TO THE UNKNOWN: leaving the external, comfortable, safe and known; stop depending, find the center within, predispose to what cannot be controlled. Regain innocence, open the heart.

Comprehension - to go Deeper

RELAX IN IMPOTENCE: Listen, receive, say yes, accept, thank, integrate, recover, reconcile, incorporate, consider, recognize, remember the soul. Enter the core of light and wisdom. Create a launch pad.

The Big Jump

The painful but liberating discovery of the truth.

All of us who are carrying out different processes of Inner Evolution know that sooner or later the confrontational moment of making decisions will come to us, and it is on that frontier where the appropriate circumstances are offered to create a new and unknown internal and external space, it is the time in which a door opens to a universe of possibilities that, until that moment, we did not know.


The connection with the nucleus for the
understanding of the mystery.

Personal training in the form of an internal evolutionary process, which opens the way to understanding oneself and everything. Based on the creation of a solid and elevated structure of assimilation of great existential truths, from where the arrival of the whole is received. A deprogramming process that goes from initiation to flowering, from oneself to the other, from external to internal, from the first step of the search to the arrival of the mystery. A mystical journey that begins at the very point where self-deception and the power of the mind die to reconcile and enter into the truth that comes naturally with the discovery of Being.

«The connection with the nucleus for the understanding of the mystery»

This school is itself the transmission of an approach. In this sense, THE SCHOOL IS A CONTAINER, it is a way of dealing with issues and a way of accessing the roots of the issues that have to do with our life experience, which in turn produces an understanding of how to treat human beings, and how each individual can approach their own life. The approach used in the Conscious School comes from the Inner Evolution Method® created by Alberto J. Varela.

The method in essence is an APPROACH supported by a manifesto that consists of 11 premises, which are transmitted and disseminated through the Conscious School®, the first and main premise is that nothing external works in terms of awakening consciousness, healing, or transcendence The Inner Evolution Method ® is also something external to the human being, therefore it also does not work in relation to the possibility of transforming oneself. In this sense, the original thing about this approach is that it is done from the inside and not from the outside.

Until now, all therapeutic or spiritual approaches were carried out from the outside, offering doctrines or techniques, promising objectives or results, proposing some practice or learning, but this method affirms that EACH HUMAN BEING HAS THE RESPONSIBILITY AND THE OPPORTUNITY TO EVOLVE FROM THE INSIDE BASED ON THE BASIS THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO ANYTHING WITH WHAT IS UNDERSTOOD, OBSERVING THE MOVEMENT THAT IS PRODUCED BY BEING AWARE OF THE EXTERNAL, OF WHAT HAS CREATED YOU. EVERY MENTOR CAN BECOME A MEDICINE, and interact with others to inspire and support their evolution

Application of the inner evolution method,
through thematic retreats

Personal training in the form of an internal evolutionary process, which opens the way to understanding oneself and everything. Based on the creation of a solid and elevated structure of assimilation of great existential truths, from where the arrival of the whole is received. A deprogramming process that goes from initiation to flowering, from oneself to the other, from external to internal, from the first step of the search to the arrival of the mystery. A mystical journey that begins at the very point where self-deception and the power of the mind die to reconcile and enter into the truth that comes naturally with the discovery of Being.


Deprogramming Program

The essence of the Inner Evolution Method.

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Relationships & Affectivity

HE OTHER, from conflict to reconciliation.

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Conscious parents and loving guides

THE ORIGIN, from slavery to freedom.

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Retreats of Mystical Initiation and Ontology of the Being

INITIATION, the opening to the mystery.

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Monthly Mystical Encounter in Madrid

The encounter with the Master, who inspires trust

Access the spiritual intimacy that we share in these encounters.



THE TRUTH, source of life.

Visualize what happens in the space in which the truth is present


Module 5

The awakening of Consciousness

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Mystical Spiritual Retreat

The authentic manifests to the seeker of truth



Conscious School Director

It all started, when suddenly the life of a group of people from many countries came together and began a path of inner evolution as if summoned by the same order and attracted by the same concern. When they met, inexplicable phenomena began to occur, situations that wanted to be understood, moments from the past that were still hidden and that were waiting to come out just at the exact moment, to be approached and integrated.

We were all facing a preparatory situation for the arrival of something very big and unexpected, but we could not realize the phenomenon that was happening in our lives.

We began to be aware when, in the lives of a group of people from the same organization to which we belong, thought structures began to fall, outdated life projects to collapse, denounce lies, and corner limitations.

Then, a request towards existence began to be spontaneously generated in them, so that a reality capable of welcoming this living and latent human content is born and turning it into understandings, attitudes, choices and life decisions.

This is how the Conscious School was born, within the Inner Mastery International organization, already perfectly directed and consolidated, which, however, due to its same constant process of evolution and development, found itself at a point of so much daring and value, that the structure Human created up to this moment had fallen short, the words used were not enough to describe the complexity of what was happening, and the meanings they handled were not enough to show us what was to come.

Alberto Varela, captured this existential call, decoded the unconscious or indirect signal launched from a group of people with whom he shared his life, united by work and personal, affective and professional ties.

At this time, a personal laboratory was born in which to experience conscious observation of the human being and then of ourselves.

A proposal that incorporates a unique, exclusive, and original method, the Inner Evolution Method®, which is inspired by many sources, but without identifying itself in any of it, as a reflection of our own life, a great diversity from the past, but expressed in something new, exclusive and transgressive, like everything that is born pure and from scratch, knowing that neither has a copy nor has anything like it existed before.

In a few years an evolutionary and formative human field was created where, before the fall of the structures of thoughts and ideologies

innate wisdom began to be rescued and to remember what the soul already knew. Before the collapse of the old life projects, innovative, creative energy was installed where the mystery came to visit us, before the denunciation of lies is manifested imposing the truth, before the corraling of limitations, it appears is access to the potential to flourish on freedom.

During these 8 years, we have been shaping the training program for management of support and accompaniment in inner evolution processes, we have applied designs that belong to sacred geometry, integrating triangles with words, a bomb of understandings as portals of a new worldview. We dared to mix everything we were creating: the technique of No-Therapy® with the philosophy of life of Transcendent Healing®, and the Game of Comprehending®, which gave birth to the master code of the 11 premises, capable To open the doors of understanding, we have discovered the power of the entheogenic word, we have coined new words and resignifying others, allowing a new language and the conscious use of it to create a new reality according to the greatness that our soul was yearning for. And as a result of all this, the Evolutionary Theory of Language was born.

After 8 years of the birth of all this, I can look back and see the masterpiece of this proposal, whose program has no possibility of becoming obsolete, because it is alive, constantly updated by the infinite creativity that all of us who make up this family share, in which boredom died, mediocrity died and the love for ourselves and everything we do was reborn impetuously.

This method is not created to be complying with mandates or rules or to intellectualize written paragraphs, but it constantly proposes us to die the past, to what was, to the known, to transmute ourselves into creative and constructive attitudes that are manifested in lived experiences.

This work, originally created by a man, enriched and supported by many people that we meet, cannot remain old since it is being renewed by the energy brought by all the students and collaborators who join our movement towards potentiality.

All those who are not looking for an idealized teacher are invited, but who have made the decision to find the energy of mastery that is inside each one of them, allowing themselves to be supported and accompanied for a while until they find their way, their essence and their destiny.

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